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Annual Membership Meeting and Phonemic Awareness Workshop

American University – Spring Valley Campus | 4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW | 6th Floor | Washington, DC 20016

Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM (EDT)

Register here

Location: 6th Floor  Event Parking: onsite

Event Schedule

1:00-2:00pm     Membership Meeting- voting on new board members, a year in review, updates on dyslexia legislation and goals for the coming year. All are invited, only members may vote.

2:00-4:00pm      3D Bridge from Phonemic Awareness to Reading Workshop- Registration required

4:00-4:30pm      Networking and Reception- stay for further discussion with peers and colleagues

3D Bridge from Phonemic Awareness to Reading Workshop

If dyslexics think in 3D, then let’s teach them in 3D! Add a new level to any O-G/Multisensory Structured Language approach by teaching in three dimensions. Phonemic objects aren’t just for teaching initial consonants anymore. Learn how to teach blending, segmenting, and even spelling and reading rules in 3D — the way dyslexics think. This workshop also shows other multisensory ways to teach the brain. Participants receive: phonemic objects, a 3D early intervention packet, and door prizes.

Suggested Audience:

Early Educators, Parents, Administrators, SLPs, Tutors, Interventionists, and Educational Therapists

COST: FREE- although this is a free event, your kind donation (suggested donation of $25.00) to DCIDA will allow us to defray the costs of this workshop and allow us to deliver future workshops, parent information meetings, and major conferences.

3.5 ALTA CEUs available

DCIDA is delighted to host the following speakers:

Mary-Margaret Scholtens is co-founder and Executive Director of The APPLE Group, Inc., a provider of OG-based training since 1997. She is the co-author of Connections: OG in 3D, a multisensory, structured, sequential, science-based reading curriculum for dyslexia intervention and structured literacy classroom curriculum. Her training was commended by IDA, earning an IDA university accreditation. She is a member of the Evidence-Based Reading Instruction Advisory Team, has worked in Arkansas to help pass several science of reading laws, and serves on the Advisory Board of the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction. She is also on the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Reading Excellence, and is the 2016 National Right to Read Foundation Patrick Groff Teacher of the Year recipient for her work in evidence-based, structured literacy.

Kelly Fowler is a Certified Dyslexia Therapist and a Qualified Instructor of Connections: OG in 3D. She has over 4000 hours of experience in dyslexia therapy. Kelly is an expert in school-based dyslexia therapy and whole class science-based reading instruction. She is the instructor of several courses at The APPLE Group in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where she serves as the Director of Outreach and Training, in addition to her busy private practice in dyslexia therapy and testing. Kelly is the co-author of the APPLE Group Dyslexia Screener. She presents workshops both locally and nationally on themes related to dyslexia, phonological awareness, and the science of reading. She works closely with school districts and universities who are working to implement science-based reading, and with parents as an advocate for dyslexia.

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